Whether your company wants to create a tailored rewards programme to increase customer loyalty or create an incentives scheme to boost staff engagement, we will work with you to do just that.

Our team will work with you, almost as an extension of your company to develop strategies and implement programmes.


If you’re interested in teaming up with us, give us a call or flick us an email. We’ll organise a catch-up to find out what your goals and needs are. From there, we’ll give you options and develop strategies to achieve your goals.

We’re experts in the field, knowing what will drive engagement and give you the right tools and products to increase loyalty and satisfaction.


Depending on what your goals are, we’ll create a plan and also implement your schemes to your customers or internal staff. You’ll notice instant results – increased sales and happier customers are just the beginning. If your goal was motivating staff, you can expect more engagement and big advocates of your business. Talk to us today!



We work as an extension of your company to get an understanding of your business. This ensures the programme is performing to its full potential and delivers measurable results.

This allows us to:

  • Find sticking points and create solutions
  • Establish objectives with regular reviews

Communication is key to an effective programme so we work with you to develop:

  • Integrated marketing solutions to run alongside your incentive programme
  • Marketing content based on your brand guidelines, including web design, branding, online marketing and more
  • A rewards platform optimised for desktop, tablet and smartphone, so your staff and customers can access your website from anywhere

We use emerging technology and software which allows us to:

  • Create bespoke loyalty solutions, with customisations available at every stage
  • Engage your employees with online learning, take online quizzes, and reward them with bonus points for performance
  • Run online auctions with SMS notifications to engage staff and customers with the programme and build hype around events
  • Always update our rewards catalogue with the latest products, and targeted to your audience

We know that if you recognize and reward your best customers, you’ll build stronger, more profitable relationships.

  • Travel – for individuals or teams, you can reward your top performing sales staff or most loyal customers
  • Rewards Catalogue – Showcase a range of amazing rewards from electronic goods, entertainment and homewares, to events tickets, customised or general travel to personal choice items which we’ll source directly for members, ranging in price to target different groups
  • Personalised merchandise or products – gift these to your staff and customers, facilitated through our system
  • Preloaded MasterCards – branded to suit your requirements, keeping it simple!

We take care of all the administration of the programme and keep you updated regularly. We ensure we provide you with:

  • Regular reviews of your programme’s performance, and analyse these to work on new strategies alongside your team
  • Suggestions of new ways of improving your programme and measuring feedback from staff and customers

As with any investment, measuring success is vital so that’s why we:

  • Use sophisticated reporting and analysis tools to track progress
  • Measure returns and ensure the success of your programme
  • Tailor reporting to suit your needs